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A pink house on Torcello …

Today, TorcelloΒ one of the garden islands in the Lagoon. We love to go there during all seasons, but in particular, in spring. Since 1945 my grandmother used to go foraging in the Lagoon. She loved the so-called garden islands – Gli orti della Serenissima, and we’ve got a special family bond with this part of the Lagoon.

The northern Lagoon is a paradise for wild herbs and blossoms. An inspiration to grow these plants yourselves in your own garden. After all, many plants that grow well here also do north of the Alps or in similar climate zones around the world.

A garden in torcello blog logo 5My father and I have always loved the wild gardens of Torcello. This is why we have included a Blog Series on these gardens here. Click on the logo picture to view.

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