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And here’s your recipe which comes with the special story of cioccolata Venetian style, a recipe with two variants for you to taste and tips where to taste it in Venice. And we’ve also included a few thoughtful notes on Carnival in Venice. Scroll down and discover 🙂

Cioccolata densa

You will discover that the original recipe, discovered sometime in the 1540s in Europe, just used cocoa powder and plain water to make the drink. But in Venice, chocolatiers and spice masters got creative. Altough presciribing a cup of chocolate a day to their patients as astrengthening drink to stabilize mood, they added spices and a hint of cream to make it taste more lavishly.

Cioccolata pura

In Venice today, we love the densa variant – a thick, lavish way of making hot chocolate. We achieve that richness in flavor by using fecola (maize starch) and also by adding half a teaspoon of ground spices to our cup of chocolate.

La ricetta storica

The recipe was first written up by Girolamo Benzoni, an explorer from Milan who had been to Mexico. It was published in his book Historia del Novo Mondo, which was published in Venice in the year xx. But then, the recipe was taken up in the plays written by Carlo Goldoni in the 18th century, but also by Alessandro Manzoni in his book “I promessi sposi”. But now, it’s finally time for you to download the e-book and its recipe!

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