Ten useful websites about Carnival in Venice

Carnevale di Venezia for Beginners: Below, we’ve collected ten websites and social media accounts, a colorful mixture giving you a comprehensive picture of Carnival. This post was written to help you prepare your visit, visit Venice virtually during Carnival, and learn more about Carnival traditions, culinary treats, and background stories.

You can bookmark this page and return later or next year, as we’ll update it and add more events and useful information in the future. If you have suggestions for links referring to Carnival, please tell us in the comments. In the next post, we’ll share a few glimpses and stories of how Venetians used to cook up for Carnival.

A personal note re. this post:

Many things seem experimental and tentative right now – in early 2023 – in Venice. We need to face where we’ve come from. Life had been suspended – so to say – in 2020, 2021 and partly in 2022: This first edition of the “aftermath” of the pandemic is plunging us back to those times three years ago, when Carnival was brusquely interrupted after the first cases of Covid-19 emerged. In a nutshell, much is changing in Venice, much is being tested, mistakes are being made and hopefully learned from, and some things will be different in 2024 and the years to come.

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1. Carnevale di Venezia – Official Page

First of all, take a look the official site of Carnival in Venice below, listing all current events in Italian and English. Or, follow their Instagram to see the latest impressions, costumes, le maschere (masks), and more.

Carnevale di Venezia – Official Site

2. Città metropolitana di venezia

A website for residents and visitors, available all year long: Not just active during Carnival, when they share impressions of events and images on a daily basis.

Città Metropolitana di Venezia


The Facebook account of the Venetian vice mayor shares more background stories, photos, events.

Simone Venturini Facebook


Tour guide Igor Scomparin offers virtual walks – that you can follow via Facebook or Youtube – several times a year. Last year, he took virtual visitors for a wonderful walk during Carnival around the San Marco area. Click below to watch his virtual Carnival walks.


For you to see the latest masks, events, and Carnival stories told on Igor’s Insta account.

Igor Scomparin Guide on Instagram


The account for all who love historical fashion, colorful events and luxurious banquets. La Festad delle Marie is about 12 girls, whose historical background we’re explaining in detail in our Venice Carnival guide.

Le Marie on Instagram


More Carnival fashion for you by this famous Venetian designer of luxury costumes and accessories, taking up ancient costumes of La Serenissima Republic while adapting them to contemporary beauty and fashion style.

Antonia Sautter on Instagram

8. rosa salva

Keep up with what a favorite pastry store in Venice is offering for Carnival: Traditional Venetian Carnival sweets, frittelle called fritoe in Venice, chiacchiere, hot chocolate, and more!

Rosa Salva on Instagram

9. vizio virtÙ

Chocolate’s got so many virtures, especially this one based on ancient recipes created by a favorite cioccolateria in Venice. What I love about them is their colorful selection of chocolates and praline enriched with seasonal spices and blossoms. Plus, their seaonal selection of tea and coffee.

Vizio Virtù on Facebook


We’ve just updated our Guide to Carnival: You’ll discover the real background of the Feast, its traditional food and specialty drinks, where to taste them in Venice, and how to prepare them at home.

Download our Carnival e-guide

Next comes an article to discover home cooking during Carnival, and how grandmothers used to bake pastries for Carnival in Venice until a few decades ago.

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