Get to know the Lagoon and its culinary heritage

Did you know that Venice is located in the largest Lagoon of the Mediterranean Sea? And that there’s an estuary, a fertile region reaching southwards to the rich delta of the river Po, rice fields, olive groves and vineyards. On clear days, you can even make out the dramatic mountainscape north of the Lagoon. For more than 1600 years, this special location plus the culinary heritage of the spice trade have created a wealth of cherished culinary know-how. The authentic Veneto cuisine merges spice heritage with local ingredients, producing one of the most fascinating cuisines on the Mediterranean shores.

La Venessiana shares contemporary and historical recipes of this rich cuisine, taking readers on a colorful visual and culinary tour of the Lagoon. Discover foraged food like bread filled with poppyseeds and cinnamon while enjoying pomegranate – cardamom salsa to celebrate the seasons. You receive useful tips for charming places to visit, local festivals, retreats and cooking classes online and onsite, and above all, evocative photos of the Lagoon to inspire you to explore Venetian culinary treasures.


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