The story of the Rialto Market. The oldest market in Europe, still in the same place. Its area comprises both banks of the Grand Canal, but that’s little known today. Have a glimpse at what the Rialto Market looked like in the early morning, before its wholesale part was moved to Mestre in 1997 … Venice come alive.

It’s on this side of the Grand Canal that the spice ships were anchoring. Bringing the goods to Venice by sea on the final leg of their long voyage from the Southeast. In Alexandria, Egypt, most spices arrived via caravans from Africa and the Middle East. Other deliveries arrived via the Black Sea and the Bosporus. Venice was definitely looking east 🙂

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There’s so much knowledge lost to us on the vie delle spezie – spice roads. Look at their map I discovered at the permanent exhibition in Palazzo Mocenigo. There were four spice roads. The ship convoys transporting spices and other precious goods were called le mude.


My ebook “Spice Roads and Silk Trees” will be online from 2016.

This personal Rialto Tour, with many surprises, recipes and ancient knowledge will also be available as Retreat Day from fall 2016. Of course we will visit Drogheria Mascari, whose spice window you can see below, but that’s only the start 🙂

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