Gourmet Garden Retreats

I segreti di Venezia: Back in 2023 / 2024. Scroll to disccover!

2023 OR 2024 tbd

Le Altane (roof terraces) di San Zaccaria

Discovering the five phases of Venetian history from above, from four fascinating rooftop terraces! Plus, an exclusive tour INSIDE the ancient monastery gardens of San Zaccaria. (1 DAY)

2023 or 2024 tbd

Spices and Monastery Gardens

Introducing the four phases of Venetian culinary history. We’ll visit spice shops and taste historical spice dishes while discovering the story of the Venetian spice path (1 DAY)

2023 or 2024 tbd

Brunch and Aperitif on the Terrace

Venetians don’t eat breakfast? Well, you’ll discover surprising dishes, recipes, and secrets in this mini cooking classs on Nonna Lina’s terrace. Breakfast treats, aperitives, and dishes for a summer feast. (0.5 DAY)

2023 OR 2024 tbd

La Grecia a Venezia

xx. (1 DAY)

2023 or 2024 tbd

Marco Polo’s cuisine in Venice

ss (1 DAY)

2023 or 2024 tbd

Le Spezie di Venezia: Spice mixing class

ss. (0.5 DAY)

Past retreats

Discover our past events and green gourmet retreats in Venice. Descriptions will be available soon.

JUNE 2013, 2015, 2o17, 2019

Solstizio a Venezia

My favorite: We started the day with a leisurely breakfast in the campo, followed by a visit to my favorite Venetian market, and around 11 am, enjoyed a fruity aperitivo on an altana overlooking the Rialto market. On Day 2, our guests enjoyed home-made pomegranate spritz and lavender cordial in the garden and later, an exclusive candle light dinner, tasting spice dishes in an exotic garden (OR participated in a summer evening feast watching movies in the campo, with wine and cicheti tasting).

NOVEMBER 2015, 2017, 2018

Festa della Madonna della Salute

Coffee in Piazza San Marco was followed by a walk along Riva degli Schiavoni, discovering two secret gardens along the way, while exploring the background of the most heart-felt feast in Venice. Just before night falls, we drink tea and warm up with hot chocolate and a Byzantine-Greek cake at a favorite cafe in the neighborhood. Finally, a candlelight dinner is waiting for us in a restaurant, based on Nonna Lina’s recipes.

JULY 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019

The unknown Rialto Market and the Venetian Spice Masters

Morning visit to the Rialto Market discover the bounty of seasonal food, herbs and spices, and tasting a historical spice dish menu for lunch. This is followed by a pre-dinner visit to the perfume museum and a private wine tasting dinner in the evening.

our gourmet garden retreats will be back in 2023 / 2024…

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