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Discover Venetian Food Culture & Grandmother’s Gourmet Recipes

In 2018, we will publish some of Lina’s recipes, culinary and beauty tips as ebooks and will launch an e-course series on delicious & easy & historical Venetian recipes. All about gourmet food, aromatherapy, perfumes and natural remedies. In the 1950s and 1960s, Lina taught the chefs at the grandi alberghi on Riva degli Schiavoni how to cook historical Venetian recipes. In her own restaurants, Lina cooked for politicians, ambassadors and two future popes – John XXIII and John Paul I.

We will publish this e-book in late April / May 2018. Click here to be notified when we publish and receive a pre-view of this book and a little gift !

Breakfast in Venice – Spring & Summer

Spring and early summer are the most friendly seasons to enjoy breakfast outside, and this will be an e-book to celebrate your stay in Venice, or to look forward to it ! Especially in spring, Venice is celebrating with an unprecedented array of sweets and cakes. And restoring coffee drinks. You get to know the recipe for Casanova’s chocolate and his favorite spiced cakelets, and also where to taste them in Venice.

As bonus, we take you on a virtual early morning tour through Venice 🙂

Stay tuned – this e-book will be available from late May 2018.

Venice Market Tour Kit

This e-book is for you if you are interested in REALLY getting to know the produce at Venetian markets. Local fruit, vegetables, berries, herbs and spices. That special taste of the Lagoon vegetables which Arrigo Cipriani describes as tasting best in the world.

In addition, you get five easy recipes, tips for restaurants at and near the Rialto Market and the printable shopping guide. In short, this e-book could help you create your own full-immersion Rialto Market tour which also takes you to bacaro wine bars to taste cicheti (tapas, Venetian style).

Available in summer 2018.

Autumn in Venice

In this e-book we share our favorite Venetian soulfood recipes for the cold season. And for this special time, in-between the seasons when it’s so easy to catch cold. We savor the delicious flavors now available at the markets in Venice to prepare warming soups, hearty vegetable dishes, risotti and pre-winter delights. Of course, we have prepared an itinerary for you to discover the special Venetian-style Thanksgiving Feast – La Festa della Salute, its historical background and ancient recipes.

Online from October 2018.