The Yellow Rose of San Zaccaria


While the paintings, crypta, and art in the church of San Zaccaria, very close to Saint Mark’s Basilica, are well known, the story of the monastery next door is rather unknown, tinged with mysteries and rumors. Little has been passed on about the gardens of the monastery, its guesthouse and the role San Zaccaria used to play in Venice for more than 1300 years.  Even its recipes, such as the unique almond calissoni, have been lost on us.

This e-book is the first to take you inside, telling the story of its gardens, recipe collections, and fascinating neighborhood located on an ancient archipelago called “Ombriola”.

Step back in time with us: 95 pages. E-Book. Online from May 2023.

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The story of Venice and a special rose bush, growing in a special spot overlooking the area where once the walled garden of the San Zaccaria monastery was located. In the 5th century AD, this garden, also called El Brolo, reached the banks of the Grand Canal. Thus, it’s the oldest and largest monastery garden of Venice.

But unfortunately, most of its history has been forgotten, and in our times, just a hanging gardenscape, terraces and a courtyard remain

In 12 chapters, this green and flowery story book, mixed with Levantine tales of spices and fragrant recipes, will also tell the story of Venice between 1000 BC and 2020.