Floral Venice – Garden Guide


It’s our e-book for the garden lovers amongst you. In three lush chapters, you’ll discover basic facts about Venetian garden culture and gardening in the Lagoon. You receive a full-day program for a day out in the gardens, plus lots of tips to eat and drink in dreamy garden settings.

75 pages. E-Book. Back online in March 2023.

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Have you ever wished to take a guided tour exploring Venetian gardens? Your garden day in Venice starts in this e-guide: We’ll be your virtual guide in this full-day program for you to see the most beautiful gardens in Venice – and even better, they are open to the public!

But for you to get the complete picture, we’ll also show you the others, private gardens never open to the public, like a palace garden overlooking the Grand Canal, and a wild spice garden!

You’ll also learn about the 10 must-see gardens of Venice, and the four garden types you can find in Venice.

What you will receive:

  • Detailed description and colorful images of the gardens
  • Background stories about botanical gardens and exotic herbaria
  • Full-day program for your garden day in Venice, plus tips for breakfast, lunch and dinner in garden restaurants
  • Virtual visit to a most famous garden, overlooking the Grand Canal
  • Curious stories about gardens and gardening in the Lagoon (especially written for the gardeners amongst you!)
  • Four types of secret gardens in the Lagoon, and where to find the 10 must-see gardens in Venice (all open to the public)
  • Bonuses: The Venetian wisteria walk (in case you visit Venice in April), and the Venetian Rose Itinerary (if you visit in May or June).

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