Carnevale in Cucina



This little book is about a feast we celebrate in late winter, its recipes and secret stories. Stories familiar in Venice until 1797, when La Serenissima Republic was still alive. It’s all about our  Carnival, how Venetians celebrate in Venice.

Step right into banquets, colorful fairs and legends taking you back to the roots of our city, her spice secrets and culinary heritage.

CARNEVALE IN CUCINA: 90 pages, written in English. 4th edition, February 2023.


Immerse yourself into Carnival, but this time from the Venetian perspective: Listen to ancient stories told by grandmothers, taste their delicious recipes, and explore the ancient arts and crafts of Venice!

Experiencing Carnival in Venice is so much more than wearing costumes and masks: Carnival tells you more aboutVenetian lifestyle, taking in the endlessly blue-and-pale-grey afternoons of late winter in the Lagoon. We’ll share with you impressions you may have missed, historical recipes, and the Venetian perspective of a feast whose roots go back to February 973 AD!

During the past few years, Carnival in Venice has been taking a quality leap, taking on an educational note. This period of three weeks has become a collective opportunity for Venetians and visitors to explore the forgotten aspects of Venetian heritage, hospitality and ancient food art for which Venice had been famous in the world for more than 1200 years.