Barena Soulfood


A culinary adventure is waiting for you! This e-book is all about soulfood foraged in the Lagoon: Wild fruit, berries, herbs, honey and blossoms from the marshes.

You’ll discover archaic dishes eaten in the Lagoon for centuries, a collection of four menus (one for each season), plus Nonna’s exclusive tips for foraging and where to taste foraged green food in Venice and the Lagoon.

E-Book, 70 pages. Online from May 2023.

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Barene (marshlands) are a wonderful component of the Lagoon – and sometimes, they look spectactular from above, especially in August when they turn purple when the sea lavender is blossoming.

Barene are home to wild animals, mamals like foxes but also birds, even flamingos! Above all, those marshlands belong to edible herbs. Farther inland in the estuary and the northern Lagoon, the barene swamps include urbanized areas, called Orto dei Dogi, the doge’s orchards. Still in this zone of the Lagoon, using wild herbs and fruit, foraged in food and natural remedies, have survived since times immemorial.

Nonna grew up in this area of the Lagoon during WW2 before returning home to Venice in April 1945. We’ve collected 30 seasonal soulfood recipes straight from her personal recipe journals:

  • introducing the wild herbs, blossoms and fruit of the Lagoon,
  • and how they are used in the best restaurants in Venice to enhance and flavor dishes.
  • You’ll also discover surprising seasonal remedies using these herbs of the marshlands.
  • As a bonus, we’ll also include a story about foraging in the Lagoon.