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Venice Market Tour – Ecourse

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This course is for you if you are interested in REALLY getting to know the produce at Venetian markets. Local fruit, vegetables, berries, herbs and spices. That special taste of the Lagoon vegetables which Arrigo Cipriani describes as tasting best in the world.

In addition, you get five easy recipes, tips for restaurant and tour guides for your next visit to Venice. This e-course is your private virtual full-immersion Rialto Market tour which also takes you to bacaro wine bars to taste cicheti bites.

Available in summer 2017

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Iris Loredana: Culinary historian, food and lifestyle blogger. Author of the Blogs "La Venessiana" (Venice) and "From My Italian Home" (coming soon). My family is from Venice and Amalfi and I'm currently based in Venice and Vienna. I love traveling, cooking and gardening - all the things I'm writing about in my blogs !!


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