Furbizia Herbs and Spices


Within our Cucina Speziata project, we collect, explore and share untapped knowledge on Mediterranean and Venetian Food Culture. We retrieve ancient recipes from herbs, blossoms and spices, accumulated during 1,300 years in Venice. All about Mediterranean.Venetian.Beauty.Perfumes.Health.Food.



La Venessiana takes you 1-2 times per week to Venice. In my Venetian Diary, you can visit Venice virtually and experience a focus on photography and culinary itineraries. From May 2016, Cucina Speziata will relate on a garden project on the island of Torcello. Join me here …


We can help you plan a memorable stay to discover the culinary heritage of Venice. We also offer culinary events pop-up events in Venice and Vienna on special occasions. Contact us here to receive personalized offers. Read more …


Our Book Series La Dispensa Venexiana relates ancient seasonal secrets and family recipes to you. Spend one day in Venice with our family. Breakfast, Market Lunch, Coffee, Candlelight dinner. The first book will be dedicated to Spring in Venice. Find out …


Sometimes, books just aren't enough to refer the wealth of recipes, ancient food and cooking. This is why I have created special e-courses for you to join us live on special occasions in Venice. Read More …


We call our Newsletter "Monthly Postcard from Venice". Each month, we share seasonal recipes with you that we don't put on the blog. News on coffee life in Venice. Seasonal travel tips to Venice. Exclusive recipes for subscribers and twice a year, a free e-book for you. Check it out


Our own Venetian spice mixtures will be available online from fall 2016. Stay tuned in our Spice Boutique !!