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Ebooks. Ecourses. Online Support. Retreat Days. Language and Heritage. Food Writing.

Whether you’re at home – enjoying coffee (click here for Venetian coffee recipes) and armchair-traveling. Planning a special visit to Venice. Learning about gourmet and healthy food. Making botanical discoveries. Discovering ancient remedies. There’s so much we can learn from ancient Venetian food culture. Take your time to get to know Venice from a different perspective.


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ICON EBOOKSFeel Venice in my new series of ebooks on culinary treats and health food. Browse at home for seasonal itineraries. Family recipes. Lagoon herbs and spices from the Levant. The culinary history of Venice. Ancient Venetian recipes and pictures that could make your day. Via ebooks and ecourses on Venetian Hospitality. My ebooks are available on this Page from late October 2015. The ecourses on Venetian and Mediterranean topics, with a surprise, will be available from February 2016.

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Come to Venice

oNLINE TRAVEL COACHVia personalized online travel coaching, I’d love to support you finding your ideal itinerary when you come to Venice. Providing tips on mesmerizing hotels. Restaurants where you can taste the herbs of the Lagoon. Favorite cakes and ancient recipes at Venetian coffee houses. Event planning. Workshops. Candlelight dinners. Spice food menus. Brunch ideas. Itineraries to discover special topics. Unusual tours. A painter’s itinerary, like this one.

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special occasionThis is my program taking place in Venice. I call these itineraries “Discovering Fairy Tales in Real Venice”. A few times a year, I’m organizing special Lounge Events. Candlelight dinners. Insightful and thoughtful retreat days in unique locations, like this one. Glimpsing behind the walls and doors in Venice. For updates and programs, click here.

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Communication and Language Services.

LANGUAGE COURSELanguage teaching with a surprise – coming soon. I’m planning to offer ecourses, dedicated to Venetian topics. In my mind, you’ll only get to understand this beautiful reality if you know the terminology and the basics of our language. By the way – each retreat day contains a special language and terminology part, relating to the topic we’re covering. Culinary, historical and urban notes. Perfume-making and ancient beauty tips. Secret gardens, of course.

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TRANSLATIONIntercultural Communication & Translations 

Business translations and business trip planning. Intercultural communication aspects in Italy. I’m a professional translator with university background and expert in sustainable business and project management (WU – Vienna University of Business, Vienna and Venice University). My language combinations are Italian, English, German and French. A special website will be available from December 2015.

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