You don’t have to be Venetian to love the floating town. Many people not living in Venice miss her sights, sounds, feel and colors. This is why I wanted to create an experience where you can keep in touch when you’re not there. Prepare for your next visit. Relive and expand your understanding back home.

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E-Courses are our approach to presenting ancient culinary secrets of Venice, a place (almost) everyone wants to vist once in a lifetime. Some visitors develop a life-long bond to the city in the midst of her 550 km² Lagoon. Many of you keep coming back.. So true – Venice doesn’t unveil her treasures on a first visit.

Whether you’re at home – poised for armchair-traveling – or planning a visit to Venice. We offer for you to discover ancient know how that comes in useful today. Culinary. Botany. Medical. There’s so much we can learn from any ancient culture, and Venice is no exception. We hope you will view Venice from a completely new perspective.


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