This is the view I get from our kitchen window on the second floor of the house, built in the 12th century. The window overlooks a narrow canal and a bend in the canal to the left. To my right, I can see a bridge leading towards Campo Santa Maria Formosa.


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In the morning, we get a few sun rays filtering through the plants on the window bench, while no sun comes in at noon. That’s fine in summer, when you are grateful for a place with thick walls that keep the kitchen pleasantly cool.

The sun is back, however, by mid-afternoon, and I love the mild light in spring and early summer, which is good for reading cookbooks on the window bench overlooking the little canal. In summer, the sun rays flood the kitchen with light, until after 9 pm! That’s why I love solstice time in Venice, for we can make a late dinner with the last sun rays illuminating our dining table.


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From five o’clock in the morning, we can hear all sorts of boats pass, even with windows closed. The clasping of the water against the building is what wakes me up usually. In the morning, boats pass transporting all sorts of goods, including vegetables and fruit to the markets. After all, the market on Campo Santa Maria Formosa is just round the corner..

From about 8:30 am on summer mornings, you can hear the first gondolas – visitors know need to get up early, as a gondola ride in the parching summer sun can be something of an effort. I counted 50 gondolas pass between 8 and 9 am on a morning in late July !!


One part of the house overlooks the rio, as canals are called in Venice. The other side overlooks a campo. Join me for a few glimpses into our home and kitchen and kitchen garden here.