Venice and her cuisine seen through the eyes of two Venetians: La Venessiana is a blog on life in Venice, written by Iris and Grandmother Lina… We love researching and recreating ancient Venetian food, beauty, perfumes and natural remedies, and here’s our private place to show how we really live, cook, and bake in Venice. Online from late 2017 – Virtual Venice Retreats – Online Courses.

Iris grew up in Venice and graduated in business, economics, languages. And Venetian history 🙂 Her thesis, partly written in Venessián, covers urban development of the Lagoon of Venice and ecological issues but now lives in Vienna (with frequent visits to Venice of course !!)
She grew up in a sprawling family consisting of, amongst others, an architect (father), artists, hoteliers, chefs, photographers, authors and journalists. Each of them contributed to rousing her deep interest in Venice and in particular, the story of the Venetian spice merchants and the legendary silk routes.

Iris loves recipe developing, food styling and photography. Above all, creating spice mixtures based on Grandmother’s recipe journals and historical books from Venetian libraries. She loves writing, photography (Instagram !!), Mediterranean colors, graphics and design.

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Lina returned to Venice (Campo Santa Maria Formosa) in April 1945 after having spent her childhood in the northern Lagoon during the difficult years of war. She opened three restaurants and a hotel and worked as chef in her own restaurants for more than forty years. She also taught cooking lessons to Venetian chefs …

Lina now lives in her home is located next to Campo San San Zaccaria. Her library includes a wealth of books inherited from her family and the monasteries of San Zaccaria. As you can imagine, they’ve become a prime source for our blog !!

Lina loves Venetian history and every year for decades traveled to the Levant exploring Venetian traces. For La Venessiana – Cucina Speziata, she tells the story of life in Venice and the Lagoon during the past 90 years (Lina is 94 years old) and shares family recipes, traditional herbal remedies and the secrets of Venetian luxury cuisine.