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Discover ancient Venetian recipes for healthy food, beauty, perfumes and natural remedies.

Venice as unique trading hub for spices and luxurious food from the Levant, perfumes and natural remedies existed for 1,200 years. Visitors take in the results of this empire built on trading spices with the Levant and reselling them all over Europe. The beautiful palaces lining the Grand Canal. Piazza San Marco itself and the artworks you can marvel at not only in the museums but at every corner in town.

Venice is not an open-air museum! She was home to more than 300,000 people in the 15th century and still is to 58,000 people today.Β Adventurous and culinary stories hide in and behind her buildings. Delicious recipes wait for us in forgotten books on hidden shelves. Ancient wisdom shouldn’t be lost to us just because …

Today, most visitors in Venice to marvel at her architecture and unique position settled in the midst of a 550 kmΒ² Lagoon. There are precious history and guide books which I recommend reading to everyone interested in Venice (reading list will follow soon here), but we think this is only part of what Venice can still give to us …

Thanks to Grandmother Lina’s collection of family cooking journals and her own library, we have been learning more about those forgotten recipes of the 12-19th century. They are so special because they tell us how to use herbs, blossoms and spices to enhance our health and beauty.

What we found was a big surprise. This is about going back to the roots of learning about health, learning to cook easy and restoring recipes for all seasons. Spice recipes for beauty, health and delicious food and how spices were used to create easy remedies for every-day issues like suffering from weather swings or moods.Β This is how you can benefit from a secret Venice not told in guidebooks and know-how collected and refined by the Merchants of Venice during 1,200 years.

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