Making coffee, Venetian style.

Is there a secret – andย is there a Venetian style of making coffee?

Which are the favorite early morning cookies we love. Our home-made coffee recipes, and those at the bar.

After all, Venice is very experienced. The art of coffee making in town is long-standing –ย 206 coffee shops were counted all over Venice, in the year 1783.

Coffee ISย ย the Venetian way of life. First thing in the morning – it will be cafelate at home. A cappuccino at the bar, rigorosamente con cornetto. Cornetto is the Venetian-style croissant whose varieties we’ll often encounter in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Anotherย caffรฉ espresso, sometimes enjoyed with a pastina (little sweet cake), or a few pieces of paste calde (warm hot pastries).. A caffรฉ corretto after lunch. This booklet gives you easy recipes and a few impressions of Venetian coffee life.

Please click on the book for direct downloading

Coffee Making_EBook. no frame png

Enjoy your bookย whenever you want a little pick-me-up. Imagine how you’re in Venice, where you can enjoy your coffee practically on each and every campo, in a little bar-caffรฉ. This booklet will take you there.



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