Juli 2013 Nr 3 261-min
Home-made sweet geranium syrup

Under construction. Dispensa means pantry and is where we stock the ingredients made from local ingredients. Possibly from the garden, or the extended garden that the Lagoon is.

Here you can see what we flavor our food and drinks with. We use a dispensa to work as well. Dispensa is a part of the kitchen, but safe from day light while not too dark. Neither too cold nor to hot. The thick Venetian walls take care of that …

In a dispensa, we prepare and we store.

In my grandmother’s home in Venice, the dispensa is part of the kitchen, behind a big fogolár (open oven) in a darker part of the kitchen, away from the sunlight but airy and cool, separated by a working table from the rest of the kitchen. Yes, in Venice la cucina = the kitchen consists of several rooms. One to dine, one to cook, and one used for storage. All are arranged as zona comunicante – an open space divided into open rooms or niches. Like open cooking, show cooking so to say 🙂

The dispensa houses the ingredients from our garden, and that’s far more than jam, mustard and syrup. It’s a place to experiment with local ingredients which we get from one of the markets in the sestiere (no, we don’t go to the Rialto Market every day).

In this section, you can find the dispensa posts relating to the five seasons in Venice.