Our Virtual Cooking School, La Spezeria, will open in mid-April 2018! Click here to get notified when we open!

On La Spezeria, you can book our new culinary e-courses in which we share easy recipes and a seasonal cooking series for beginners. In addition, you will find e-books, seasonal recipe cards and useful printables.

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Our first e.book – Roses and Spices: Discover Venetian Food Culture & Grandmother’s Gourmet Recipes

In 2018, we will publish some of Lina’s recipes, culinary and beauty tips as ebooks and will launch an e-course series on delicious & easy & historical Venetian recipes. All about gourmet food, aromatherapy, perfumes and natural remedies. In the 1950s and 1960s, Lina taught the chefs at the grandi alberghi on Riva degli Schiavoni how to cook historical Venetian recipes. In her own restaurants, Lina cooked for politicians, ambassadors and two future popes – John XXIII and John Paul I.

We will publish this e-book in late April / May 2018. Click here to be notified when we publish and receive a pre-view of this book and a little gift !


Our First E-Course: Green Detox – the Delicious Venetian Spring Kit

Peace for eyes and mind. What should we eat in this strange in-between season, when one day it feels like spring is upon us while on the next, mornings are freezing? We’ve got that issue in Venice too 🙂 so we would like to invite you to get to know a few tricks and recipes to stay healthy during this season, prepare body and soul for spring and get to know the spring herbs of the Lagoon.

In addition to using seasonal herbs, you will learn to use of spices and cook a few ancient recipes, favorites of the Merchants of Venice. As a bonus, you will receive the oldest spice cookie recipe Venice has to offer 🙂 and learn more about the secrets and benefits of making rose jam ! Online in mid-April 2018.

Culinary Travel Book: Breakfast in Venice. Spring and Summer.

Spring and early summer are the most friendly seasons to enjoy breakfast outside, and this will be an e-book to celebrate your stay in Venice, or to look forward to it ! Especially in spring, Venice is celebrating with an unprecedented array of sweets and cakes. And restoring coffee drinks. You get to know the recipe for Casanova’s chocolate and his favorite spiced cakelets, and also where to taste them in Venice. As bonus, we take you on a virtual early morning tour through Venice 🙂 Available from late May 2018.