Why did we start writing this blog in the first place? This is the story of summer 1992 in Venice 🙂

While we published our first blog post in June 2015, I started writing on Venice when I was eleven years old (a scrapbook travel guide).  Venice was so crowded that summer, yet I felt that Venetians were living in a parallel world in the same town as their visitors.

Venetians practiced the art of andar par ‘e viscere – taking shortcuts and avoiding crowds whenever possible. While tourists queued for lunch consisting of standard Italian dishes, Venetian family food was very different, never mentioned in restaurant menus in town. It was like the recipes in Grandmother’s food journals belonged to another time and another city.

During university, I delved into ancient Venetian history books and finally came across some missing links. The immaterial heritage of Venice, forgotten for 220 years.  Spices, botany, health, beauty products and perfumery.  So much to discover and recover, an adventurous discovery going far beyond revisiting our culinary heritage.

La Venessiana would like to share ancient knowledge of Venice because we think it comes very useful in our time. Closing the gap between the real Venice and what visitors know about her.