Autumn in Venice is incredibly lush 🙂 Even though the Rialto Market looks less colorful than in summer, with earthen and green vibes and the orange hues of zucca (squash) prevailing, the offer is now the richest you can get throughout the year.

This is why we have prepared a guide and a menu for you to virtually follow along and taste autumn in Venice.

We have created a blog series consisting of five articles, taking you to the Rialto Market to explore the colorful stalls and invite you to taste a family menu. These are easy and healthy recipes enriched with herbs, blossoms and spices.

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And then, we’ve got something to celebrate this October, too.

It took us a few month to re-brand and re-launch our Venice websites, and you can see that our Venice Lifestyle Blog La Venessiana and this food blog have thoroughly changed. That’s why we have prepared a little gift for you.

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