Take in the Five Seasons of Venice, with All Five Senses. 

Develop a deeper understanding for the only floating town in the world. Venice, consisting of 118 islands. More than one third consists of private gardens.


I’m writing a series of ebooks on culinary treats, garden and health food in Venice. Seasonal itineraries. Family recipes. Lagoon herbs and spices from the Levant. Beauty tips. Perfume making. The culinary history of Venice. Old Venetian recipes and pictures that could make your day.

My ebooks will be available on this Page from November 2015. Online Courses with a surprise will follow from February 2016.

Here we are mingling past and present. Venice, more than any other city in the world, depends on this fragile connection for her future existence (Read more here on this topic – Se Venezia muore – If Venice dies).


My first ebook, Autumn in Venice, will be available online from 25 October 2015. We will cover Venetian Soul Food. Seasonal Spice Mixtures. Warm squash and spicy comfort soups. Plus – a favorite with our Venetian guests – an ancient cake recipe for a lemon-cardamom cake, dating back to the 15th century.

EBook Cover without frame

Discover the Book

Get a first glimpse on autumn life in Venice & our favorite autumn cake recipe: Almond cake with cardamon-lemon frosting. Healthy ingredients that will keep you warm and boost your immune system !! Of course, we’ll present our garden, clad in autumn colors, and market itineraries. Culinary delights for San Martino and the Salute Feast.

La Venessiana_Autumn Book

Your Welcome Gift

As a welcome gift, I invite you browse through the pages of my first ebooklet on how to make coffee, Venetian style. It’s free, and a gift to you from me. Please click on the book cover.

Coffee Making_EBook. no frame png


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