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The story of our blog began in the early 2000s .. me exploring the history of Nonna’s home in Venice, and ancient books for my thesis on the Lagoon: A home that felt very special, like it was hiding secrets in its small garden laid out in fascinating way. A giardino pendente, a hanging garden consisting of a lush courtyard and sprawling terraces, called altane and liago, connected via wrought-iron staircases. A tiny garden labyrinth.

The garden and its special history became the main inspiration for our life project: Exploring the edible treasures of the Lagoon and uncovering the historical recipes of Venice. Grandmother and I started the blog in 2012 to share news with the guests of her hotel and restaurant. Soon, we were covering our guests’ questions about our city, turning the blog into a guide for all who love Venice, gardens, and food. Scroll to discover more!

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Where this all began

Imagine grandmother gives you 22 cooking journals filled with delightful recipes en vogue in Venice in the 1950s and 1960s. A treasure trove with all those dishes she had been cooking in her restaurants since 1945! Wonderful home cooking from the Lagoon, using historical spice mixes and the freshest ingredients from the garden and markets.

Nonna’s home also houses the ancient library of the San Zaccaria monastery: While these books became the major source for my thesis, I also discovered lots of folders containing fascinating recipes of other times, that might come in so useful in our times. Since 2015, we’ve been sharing them in private cooking retreats in Venice, and now also online.

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