Culinary Venice and Lagoon

Online Travel Coaching. E-Books. E-Courses. Retreat Days. Language and Heritage Lessons.

You don’t have to be Venetian to love the floating town. Many people not living in Venice miss her sights, sounds, feel and colors.

This is why I wanted to create an experience where you can keep in touch when you’re not there. Prepare for your next visit. Relive and expand your understanding back home. Candlelight dinner and garden brunch on special occasions. From Venice, we can learn for life.

I offer travel coaching services, retreat days and e-books. Venetian culinary, beauty and health topics. The forgotten secrets of herbs and spices.


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 Venetian Hospitality

Venice the Pioneer. Commerce. Cooking. Health. Wisdoms of Life. Coffee …

Expressions of our “insular”, rather than maritime character (Venezianitudine). Discover the secret behind the features of Venice, her homes, food and gardens, and you will really get to know us.

Enjoy an immersive Venice experience, well beyond my Blog, La Venessiana. My first step is E-Books. In summer 2015, I started travel coaching in an “official” manner. I provide insights – online and in Venice – on culinary, health and beauty food from the Lagoon. Venetian lifestyle – homes, gardens and their history. Unearthing the secrets of herbs and spices, ingredients for gourmet dishes. My first support is my Grandmother. Her family library represents a valuable resource and input.

My Portfolio

Coffee Art

Coffeehouse Culture

Coffee Break


Keep in touch

Via ebooks and my upcoming online courses on Venetian hospitality, culinary and history topics. We’ll also feature design, home, garden and interior decoration style. A Venetian coffee table. Take in this ancient culture with all five senses, even from a distance.

Visit my virtual Venice Lounge on the Blog, a media corner listing webcams, newspapers, radio and TV programs from Venice. Favorite, special and rare books and articles.

As an introductory gift to you, I have prepared a free ebook on how we make coffee in Venice.

Your Free eBook

 Learn more about my ebook series on Venetian lifestyle, homes and gardens, ancient recipes and coffeehouse culture.

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Venice Lounge

Online Courses

Culinary Treats


Come to Venice

Discover Venice during retreats, workshops or personalized events … topics that range from lifestyle and beauty, ancient food treats and garden jewels in the Lagoon. Your personal choice or my ideas. Once-in-a-lifetime discoveries in Venice, taking place twice a year, in spring and fall.

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Plan Your Itinerary

Retreats Days

Events and Workshops


About Me – Iris

My approach to getting to know a place (almost) everyone wants to vist once in a lifetime. Some visitors develop a life-long bond to the city in the midst of her 550 km² Lagoon. Many of you keep coming back. Venice doesn’t unveil her teachings on a first visit. Access has to be earned. This is why I have created this offer.

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Peace for Eyes and Mind

Whether you’re at home – poised for armchair-traveling. Or planning a visit to Venice – discover ancient know how that comes in useful today. Culinary. Botany. Medical. There’s so much we can learn from an ancient culture. You’ll view Venice from a completely new perspective. We’re opening doors that are closed to most visitors.


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La Venessiana’s Blog. Ancient Roots Mix With Modern Lifestyle in Venice:

La Venessiana is my online magazine on life in Venice. Since 2012, I’ve been publishing articles here and on my food blog, La Dispensa Venexiana. Connecting the threads of past and present to make out future trends. These five articles are my readers’ favorites so far.


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Coffeehouse culture in Venice

Palace Gardens in Venice

Why do Venetians want to save Poveglia – the island with nothing but a name

Like an elephant in a porcellaine store

You know it is summer in Venice when … 22 impressions



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