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La Spezeria is the virtual Spice Atelier and Cooking School of La Venessiana – The Fragrant World of Venice. We are Iris and Lina, happy to meet you here!!!

In La Spezeria we explore how spices were used in Venice to cook, make beauty products, perfumes and natural remedies for more than 1,200 year. This is very little known ground and something we think so worth re-discovering. It’s the old world and her simple knowledge, and we think that we can all benefit from it.

Re-discovering the ancient food culture and how spices were used has been my passion ever since I was child. So I’m very grateful that my Venetian family and especially Grandmother Lina are supporting  LA SPEZERIA by opening her library and family recipe journals and by sharing vast experience. She has been working as chef and hotel owner in Venice since 1945!!

What you find on LA SPEZERIA. Twice a week, we publish a recipe using spices or a post about Venetian food cultures and trends including our Breakfast Postcard from Venice. After all, it was in Venice where the European coffeehouse culture was created! In addition, we share resources for you to learn to cook healthy seasonal meals based on herbs, blossoms and spices. In winter, it’s soulfood recipes. In the summer, it’s refreshing food and drinks. From spring 2018, we will share culinary  e-courses and e-books.

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In spring 2018, our first ebook will be available. In the meantime, we invite you to join our Venetian Culinary Library and Monthly Venice Newsletter (“Postcard from Venice”).

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Would you like to start by taking a look behind the scenes? Meet us, visit our home +  kitchen virtually and our spice garden where we experiment growing herbs and spices and cook with them based on ancient Venetian recipes! (Link online from end-March 2018).

Have a question about Venice, or food + spices + cooking ? We’d love to hear from you ! Xo, Iris and Lina