1. I hope so too… there could be a referendum set to let the people decide … we’ll see and I’ll keep you posted here on the blog

  1. As a previous worker on the River Clyde, Scotland, shipping was never allowed to travel at speed as waves were known to cause erosion.
    I amazed then that even small craft and vaporetti are allowed be at full speed and cause so much wash.
    At least cruise shipping has a local pilot on board and tugs alongside and usually sail in and out slowly.

    1. Thank for your comment. I agree about the speed of the vaporetto boats, sometimes incredible! That does cause damage known in Venice as moto ondoso. But – in order to allow cruise ships into a Lagoon less than 1 meter deep, canals had to be dredged, sometimes as deep as 60 meters!! These canals destroy the natural watersheds in the Lagoon. How much water is displaced everything time such a huge ship passes by San Marco!! In this area, the embankment is made from wooden poles and bricks, built in the year1564. The tug boats couldn’t avoid the crash on 2 June but only delayed it for about 100 meters. Thus, Venice is fragile, such an accident would destroy about one third of the city, and that’s what we MUST avoid in the first place!

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