Testing Recipes: Strawberry-Grappa-Lilac Sponge Cake

We simply love breakfast cakes. So these cakes, from my grandmother’s family recipe journals, must become part of the EBooks. Every weekend we try out these recipes in our kitchen, and here you can see the result 🙂

Pan di Spagna farcito alle fragole, lillà e grappa

This cake is a favorite of mine – so full of fragrant spring. Love its ingredients – strawberries (le fragole), lilac (il lillà), ricotta. We used freshly harvested strawberries from Altino, an ancient town on the northern fringes of the Lagoon. This is, by the way, where the famous Fragolino vines grow – vines naturally flavored and tasting of strawberries. Seems to be a good territory for strawberries as well 🙂

Lilac is a favorite flower of the Venetians as well. You can make out its blossoms as early as in March – but some varieties blossom later, until end-April. My grandmother used to make crystalized lilac blossoms herself – and decorate this sponge cake with them. It works – but you can also buy ready-made lilac blossoms in Venice.

This recipe will be our Easter Cake in part 1 of e-course series In the Kitchen with Nonna ! Click here to discover more !