Venice has always been a culinary center. Banquets during the times of the Republicย were legendary, but …

95% of the thousand-year old knowledge on food and cooking, healthy recipes based on herbs and spices is not available to the public any more. It’s “stored away” in convents, public and private libraries.

This is ourย primary motivation to start a very special project of “unearthing” Venetian culinary secrets stacked away in books on forgotten library shelves. Currently, I’m going through books I was given by family and friends and a few convents here in Venice. Fantastic know-how of the Venetian spice merchants and pharmacies.

a2b4ad86d5e380fe0ba3040b81820baeVia La Venessiana, we would like to pass on this knowledge to anybody caring for a delicious healthy diet even able to prevent disease.


Lots of wisdom, part of which is still passed on by Venetian grandmothers.ย Of course, we will pack much of that knowledge into our e-courses !


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