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La Venessiana is a digital food and lifestyle magazine dedicated to Venice and the Lagoon: Discover fragrant gardens, slow food, Venetian lifestyle and the mythical historical recipes of La Serenissima.

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Discover the fragrant secrets and spice cuisine of Venice: Seasonal stories, historical and trendy recipes, coffee culture, wine and aperitives, and most of all, historical dishes to taste in Venice and at home. Read more…

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La Venessiana – The Fragrant World of Venice

La Venessiana, founded as food art and garden blog in 2011, features the culinary heritage of Venice, the secret city and Lagoon, gardens and garden food.

We offer e-guides, virtual tours, retreats and online classes covering the historical recipes for food, natural remedies and perfumery of the Republic of Venice: Original recipes published between the 13th and 18th century, surprisingly un-Venetian at first sight, because they use herbs, blossoms and spices in unusual combinations.